Set design

The Jean de Piépape agency has more than 25 years of international expertise in the field of event and exhibition scenography.

Moma New York, Villa Stuck Munich, Tefaf New York and Maastricht, Art Basel, Design Miami Basel, Masterpieces London, Pad Paris and London, Paris Biennale, Domaine de Peyrassol France, Laffanour-Downtown Galerie Paris, Twenty First Gallery New York, La Piscine Roubaix (etc…) are some of the emblematic places where we were able to express our creative skills.

Scenography represents for us the art of developing a place or space in order to showcase works or works of art for the purpose of exhibiting or selling them. To do this, we develop universes in the image of the project, by architecturalizing the space, playing with different materials and colours and making light a material that animates the whole. The requirements of our customers are at the heart of our creative and unique proposals. The project is not only limited to an aesthetic result, it also concerns, for customers who want it, the company’s strategy through communication and development advice.